Speed Record Data

Where:                     Road SR305, Battle Mountain, Nevada ,USA     See Location

When:                       Wednesday, Sept 15, 2010 Evening

200m time:
          5.911 seconds

Average Speed:    121.81 kph / 75.69 mph

Bike:                          Varna Tempest

Gear Inches:           
150" to 250"

105 rpm average

Air Temperature:   



After Warm Up

Focusing on the Goal

[Photo Claudia Marcelloni].

Comments by Mike Mowett :

First Lady over 75 mph, 120 kph, 4th fastest in the World, matches feat of being 4th fastest in the One-Hour. Georgi predicted 75 mph (120 kph) was possible by Barbara at the Ford event. Historical Note: Barbara achieves speed of 75 mph once thought to be the upper limit of human powered speed predicted by a computer in the 1989 if you cloned two Fast Freddy Markhams, put them in a Double Gold Rush, which later built, and took them up to 11,000 foot elevation in Colorado (over double Battle Mountain's 4600 foot elevation) with the maximum 2/3 of 1% downslope allowed. This was published at the speed championships that year.

Sam and Barbara duplicate their feat of setting both Men's and Women's One-Hour records on the same day at the Ford Human Powered Vehicle Challenge, two months earlier on Sunday July 19, 2009. Team Varna is the first HPV team to have both Men's and Women's Top Speed and One-Hour records. Georgi Georgiev, the builder of these wonderful Varna masterpieces, must be so proud!
Note: only one other time has the Men's and Women's 200-meter record been set the same day at Battle Mountain. This was on Tuesday of the first year of the event 2000 - when Sam (72.41 mph) and Andrea Blaseckie (54.04 mph), Sam's wife, both set records, the first world records set at Battle Mountain.

It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one's hat keeps blowing off

Woody Allen




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