Sam Whittingham - Fastest man on earth

George Georgiev - Builder of the Varna Speedbikes

Isabelle et le Vélo - Blog about city cycling

Aleksej Dolinšek - Ad-Ventures Blog, Dos-Ras Racer - American Forum

Velorizontal - French forum

Pulsar Cycles - Great store near Paris

Aurélien Bonneteau - Hour Record Holder

Fabien Laze - Graphist [Designer of my logo]

Philippe Guigo - Paris Hair Master

Jean-Lou Desbarbieux - Bike Builder and Long Distance Racer

Eric's Blog about his Bike travels

Scubster - A human powered submarine

Ventoux 24h race - Great 24h race in Provence region !

Custom wheels - by Matthieu




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Fastest Cyclists On Earth And a Genius Builder